Get hyped for homecoming

Feature Photo By: Savannah Lyman – Junior Roman Edwards (left) and senior Keshawn Bradshaw (right) look at the “No Privileges List” posted outside the Commons. If you are ineligible for the dance due to attendance, your ID number can be found on this list.

By: Savannah Lyman, Review Staff

Next week, Raiders will soon be seeing Disney characters flood the hallways as homecoming is just around the corner.

This much anticipated week of the year, as many students have expressed, is set to be the first week of October. Rangeview leadership will kick off homecoming week starting tomorrow, September 28th.  

“I like our theme,” says junior Vanessa Cambray. “I’m really excited about the dance.”

This year’s homecoming theme is the very well known Disney. Each individual class has its own theme relating to Disney.

These themes are: 

Freshmen: Marvel/Star Wars

Sophomores: Classic Disney

Juniors: Royalty and villains            

Seniors: Pixar

“To be honest I love it [especially since] it’s our last year and I love Pixar to death,” says senior Jamien Walker.

Every day of the week will be a different dress up day students can participate in. For every student that dresses up, each class gets a certain amount of points. The winners will then be announced at the annual homecoming dance.

Sophomore Morgan Dusek (left) and junior Nelonne Chase (right) discuss the dress up days for homecoming week. Dress up days and other homecoming events can be found posted around the school.  (Savannah Lyman)

Dress up days:

Monday: A Day at Disney (tourist day)

Tuesday: Clash of the Kingdoms (class day)

Wednesday: Wicked Wednesday (dress up like your favorite villain)

Thursday: Disney Duo Day

Friday: Raiders of the Caribbean (spirit day)

“I’m excited because it’s my first [high school] dance,” says freshman Julian Bridges.

Leadership will also be hosting many evening events for students to enjoy.

Night events include:

Monday- Scare games/movie

Tuesday- Volleyball game vs Gateway

Wednesday- Talent show

Thursday- Tailgate

Friday- Football game vs Arvada West

There will also be lunch time games everyday of the week where students can gain points for their class. The week will then finish up with the grand assembly on Friday.

“I’m hoping that this homecoming we actually get more people to go,” says sophomore AJ Mariano. “What I’m looking forward to this year is the Disney theme. [I’m hoping] that the sophomore class will actually not be the cursed class [anymore].”

The homecoming dance is on Saturday, October 7th from 8-11pm and will wrap up the 2017-2018 homecoming week. Students must have at least 95% attendance rate in order to be eligible for the dance.

To get tickets for the dance, visit the bookkeeper during lunch or an off period. Tickets are on sale for $15. At the door it will be $20 with an activity card and $25 without.